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About Us

The Marketing Alliance, Inc. (TMA) stands as a distinguished national marketing organization dedicated to aiding agencies in the distribution of individual life, annuity, and long-term care products. What truly sets TMA apart is our staunch commitment to our clients' independence; with no retail arm to compete for producing agents, we ensure a non-conflict environment focusing on your growth. As a public company with a robust capitalization and transparent financials, TMA is a haven with specialized staff members who bolster your business with comprehensive support in underwriting, processing, marketing, product, and recruitment, all without mandatory membership fees.

Expanding on TMA's mission is the Insurance Fulfillment Center (IFC), established in 2020, which emerged from the synergy of seasoned call center consultants and insurance industry veterans. IFC encapsulates over 80 years of collective expertise, offering scalable, technology-driven solutions that enhance business growth and customer experience. With a visionary stance, IFC aims to be the premier back-office support for life insurance distribution, property and casualty policy management, and claims, integrating on-demand call centers with cutting-edge VoIP and IVR technology. This unique collaboration within TMA through IFC ensures a singular, streamlined service that positions our clients at the forefront of insurance distribution efficiency and innovation.

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The Marketing Alliance (TMA) is a top-rated IMO with over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. With a focus on innovation and staying ahead of the curve, TMA is well-equipped to help brokers navigate the ever-changing landscape of the insurance industry and achieve their goals.

We are Professionals

Established in 1996, The Marketing Alliance, Inc. brings a legacy of expertise, with our leadership being life-long veterans in the life insurance industry, committed to elevating standards and driving success.

Higher Performance

Streamline Success with IFC: Our expert team pairs dedication with advanced tech to deliver top services swiftly. Our commitment to speed and efficiency powers your progress.

Boost Your Brokerage with Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience Efficiency with TMA: Monitor your success instantly with our real-time dashboard. Enjoy swift uploads through direct carrier feeds for a seamless brokerage experience. With our US-based Fulfillment Center, you'll communicate with clients confidently and effectively.


Resources & Services

At The Marketing Alliance, Inc., we take pride in offering you a world-class service experience.From comprehensive underwriting solutions and groundbreaking case rescues to innovative tele-interviewing and efficient carrier connections, we're your trusted partner in navigating the insurance landscape. Discover the power of a dedicated team working tirelessly to elevate your success.

Expert Tele-Interviewing - Our dedicated internal staff is well-versed in conducting comprehensive Client Part 1 and Part 2 interviews for life insurance applications submitted via drop tickets. With expertise in articulating application questions, we ensure capturing the best responses.

Risk Assessment and Communication - Our trained team excels at identifying any client responses that may impact the sale, such as those affecting rating. We work closely with our Brokerage General Agencies (BGAs) to ensure clear communication and resolve potential challenges.

Streamlined Application Submission - Benefit from our efficient tele-interview service, where our team compiles the application and electronically submits it to the carrier. This invaluable service is provided free of charge for all TMA distribution partners, allowing sales agents to focus on closing more deals, while we handle the application intricacies.

Comprehensive Case Fulfillment - Our dedicated team at the Business Support Center is committed to fulfilling all carrier requirements for your life insurance cases. Leveraging our technology and extensive contacts within the life insurance industry, we have the influence to navigate complex requirements effectively.

Expert Negotiation and Advocacy -Our skilled professionals are trained to tactfully advocate for your clients. When necessary, we're prepared to go to bat with underwriters, ensuring that your clients' needs are met. Count on us to push for favorable outcomes.

Cost-Efficiency and Virtual Expansion -Our services are a cost-effective solution for agencies that prefer not to handle case management in-house, saving on salaries, benefits, and recruitment expenses. Additionally, our pricing is tailored based on the quantity of cases, making it a scalable solution. By partnering with us, agencies gain a 'virtual headcount,' projecting a larger and more capable image. Our extended hours of operation, from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday, mean that we're working for you even when your office is closed, ensuring prompt and efficient service.

Game-Changing Case Rescues - Introducing TMA's revolutionary program designed to transform your agency's approach to challenging insurance cases. We've launched a game-changing initiative to save cases that were previously declined or deemed 'unplaceable.' Our mission is to reposition these cases, securing placeable offers and unlocking opportunities that might have otherwise been lost.

Unmatched Benefits for TMA Distributors - As a valued TMA distributor, you gain exclusive access to this extraordinary service, at no cost to you. This program offers you the potential to rescue cases that could have been written off, adding significant value to your agency. It's not just about saving cases; it's about maximizing your opportunities and revenue.

Streamlined Underwriting Solutions - At The Marketing Alliance, Inc., our Underwriting Office is dedicated to simplifying the insurance process for our partners. Through direct partnerships with multiple carriers, we can also leverage quick quotes to ensure that your cases are presented to the right audience.

The Marketing Alliance ("TMA") provides our members a comprehensive multi-level approach to their annuity business.

Because the annuity business of a distributor is unique, the resources necessary to grow and maximize profits can be different. Some may want contracts, services, support (to add an annuity revenue stream without a large investment) while others may seek to add incrementally to what they already have established.

The Marketing Alliance provides three separate programs designed to allow each distributor the opportunity to choose a program that best fits their situation and degree of infrastructure.

Exclusive only to TMA distributors, the Annuity Sales and Service Center offers:
-Access to multiple annuity carrier top contracts representing over 200 variations of deferred, indexed or immediate annuity products.
-A full Turn-key Program for distributor's wanting to maximize profits and minimize upfront costs and overhead.
-A Support Program for distributor's who do not want their marketing staff tied to maintaining websites, preparing illustrations or processing the increasing volume of paperwork.
-A Plus Program for agencies not needing additional services but wanting carrier access and simplification.

Navigate the landscape of carrier contracting with ease through The Marketing Alliance, Inc. Our digital onboarding and contracting process connects you directly to an extensive network of insurance carriers, eliminating the need for intermediary agencies. By simplifying the contracting journey, we allow our brokers and agencies to maintain their independence while enjoying streamlined access to a wide range of insurance products.

Our robust digital infrastructure supports quick carrier connections and continuous communication, ensuring that you're always ahead in the fast-paced insurance market.

At The Marketing Alliance, Inc., we equip our partners with powerful marketing and growth tools designed to amplify their presence in the market. Benefit from our comprehensive suite of services including competitive analysis, market development strategies, and recruiting support to expand your reach.

Our dedicated competition desk and marketing experts provide insights and tactics tailored to your specific needs, fostering an environment for your business to thrive. With TMA, you're not just getting services; you're gaining a strategic ally dedicated to your agency's growth and profitability.

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