Corporate Profile

At TMA, our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to continuously empower our partners and provide them with the tools, resources, and support necessary to thrive in their respective industries.

TMA provides member agencies with access to multiple carriers offering a wide range of Life Insurance, Long-Term Care, and Annuity products. This broad selection ensures that our partners can cater to the varied needs of their clients.

We offer a flexible approach to distribution development for insurance carriers, allowing them to adapt to changing market demands efficiently. This scalable model ensures that our partners can manage costs effectively.

Member agencies benefit from our extensive support system, including cutting-edge digital application solutions and our in-house call center dedicated to customer fulfillment. We enable our partners to streamline their operations and enhance the client experience.

TMA is committed to facilitating scale for high-growth and emerging distribution channels within the insurance sector. We provide the resources and expertise needed to navigate and succeed in evolving markets.

Our robust network includes collaborations with some of the industry's most respected providers, including American General Life Insurance Co., Legal & General, Pacific Life, Prudential, Transamerica, Mutual of Omaha, Lincoln Financial Group, John Hancock Life Insurance Company, One America, and Protective Life. These partnerships ensure that our member agencies have access to top-tier products and solutions.


In addition to our prowess in the insurance distribution space, TMA also operates a specialized segment dedicated to earth moving and excavating services. Our expertise extends to erosion control, conservation services, and a wide range of construction services tailored to the needs of farms, cities, counties, states, and general contractors.